How to Get Cheap Cruz Del Sur Bus Tickets in Peru


Before heading to Peru I was trying to plan bus routes, prices and companies to go with for the numerous bus journeys I would take whilst in Peru travelling completely over land.  I read a lot of great things about Cruz Del Sur from them having a great safety record to the service provided on board.  The only caveat was that the prices were considerably higher than some of the other bus companies in Peru.

One amazing “trick” I found to get Cruz Del Sur bus tickets cheaper is to use the Spanish version of the Cruz Del Sur website (  Here is a simple example for a one-way bus route from Lima to Arequipa on August 28th.

Using the English Version

You can select your language on the site in the upper right hand corner.  There is a simple dropdown to pick from numerous languages.  In this example, I will choose English (also the default language).

cruz del sur english


As you can see in the image above, I am on the English version of the site and have chosen the one-way route from Lima to Arequipa on August 28th.  In the itineraries section, you only see regular and VIP tickets available with the lowest price ticket costing 100 SOL (about $30.5 USD) for this 16-17 hour journey (by North American standards that is still VERY cheap!).

You’ll notice that there are no results in the Outstanding or On Sale ticket columns.  I had always just assumed these were either not available (ie. no sales at the moment) or these special priced seats were all sold out.  As you’ll see below, this is something reserved for locals or those who speak Spanish.  As is often the case in South America with preference and preferred prices going to locals.

Using the Spanish Version

cruz del sur spanish

Here you can see I am using the Spanish version of the website for the same one-way route from Lima to Arequipa on August 28th, 2015.  However this time you can see many options listed in the on-sale and outstanding ticket columns in addition to the regular and VIP seating that we saw above.

With these new options, the lowest price ticket for this journey is a mere 59 SOL (about $18 USD) almost 50% cheaper than the lowest price ticket on the English version of the site!!!!  I went through other languages such as German, French and Chinese and they all had only the regular and VIP columns like the English site.

If you want these cheaper prices, learn a bit of Spanish or just use Google Translate to navigate through the Spanish version of the site and through the payment/checkout process when purchasing your ticket.

It is important to note, the outstanding and on-sale tickets are only for a limited selection of seats but it is certainly a great bargain no matter, especially if you are on a budget like I was.  Also, if you go to the bus terminal to buy your tickets (rather than buying online) make sure to ask them for an “insuperable” (outstanding) ticket to also take advantage of the much cheaper prices we found online on the Spanish side of the site.

I took 6 or 7 Cruz Del Sur buses in Peru and highly recommend them to anyone!  The service on board was great, meals were delicious, seats comfortable and they played movies (most in Spanish, some in English) to keep you entertained.  Some buses even had wifi and power outlets under the seat if you were lucky!  Couldn’t have asked for any more especially when it only costs $18 for a 17 hour journey!  Next time you are in Peru definitely give Cruz Del Sur a shot and be sure to use the Spanish version of their website.

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5 thoughts on “How to Get Cheap Cruz Del Sur Bus Tickets in Peru

  1. Joy

    Hi, Chris,

    Thank you for the very informative page about Cruz Del Sur buses. We are leaving for Peru tomorrow. I am trying to figure out what type of plug required for the power outlets under the seats of Cruz Del Sur buses. Do you know?


      1. Talla

        And sometimes, they are caleld chicken bus roads because a game of chicken will ensue at some point along the journey. Luckily for us, we never had to play the game. We found most drivers understand the concept of we’re all in this together so they, and we, made the decision to pull over and let others by when necessary. It was a very rough ride at times, but so worth it to see what we saw, especially the smiling faces of the people we passed.

    1. Hpracing

      Wow Chicken Bus Road would scare the chicken s**t out of me! What a sereis of photos and what a fantastic story. This trip and your rig you guys built has to be one of the most high tech machines out there. I bet when you pull into a town, and people see you guys with all your digital gear, they must wonder what planet you came from! Your photo work and writings are one of the highlights of my weeks. Keep it up. I am sharing this with everyone I know Hayden

  2. Anahera

    LOL I hate to say this, but I have ridden on one of those buses boefre. And funny enough, a chicken Ford Escort. It had geese in it instead of chickens. Believe me when I say you have not lived until one of them honks in your ear when you are passing a semi on a windy day. You no longer worry about the mess they might make as you are praying you didn’t/aren’t going to make one yourself.

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